Group Workshops

group workshopsIf you are keen to learn more about the world of publicity and public relations for your business, our group workshops are a great place to start.

Hosted by one or more of our senior consultants, these are an opportunity to find out how the media works and what they are looking for, as well as essential tips on approaching the media and how to handle media interviews, whether for print, radio or tv.

Group workshops are held in and around Brisbane, are generally for groups of 5-10 participants (so that we can address individual issues adequately) and run for 2 hours.

See current schedule below.


2017 Schedule

Publicity for the smaller business

Don’t think that just because you run a small business you can’t get media coverage. In this workshop you will get some practical guidance on how to see what a journalist will think is newsworthy about what you do. Workshop leader David Bateson has achieved millions of dollars worth of publicity for his clients over many years and will be sharing some of the insider secrets in this workshop.

Where/When: TBA


$90 inc GST (or $20 for businesses eligible for Small Business Advisory Service assistance)