Strategy/Planning Workshops

stratplan workshopWhenever we take on a new project, the first thing we do is arrange a strategy/planning workshop with you. In this 2-3 hour meeting we meet with you and have a wide ranging discussion on all issues relating to the project and run a few (or sometimes several) approaches and ideas by you.

We generally have two senior consultants attend these meetings and suggest you bring whichever members of your team will have input and involvement in any public relations strategy you implement.

At the end of that meeting we hope to have a good handle on what you are looking to achieve, what your expectations are and what approaches you are open to. We draw up a short (2-3 page) report for you afterwards, summarising our recommendations and a draft action plan.

This process is available as a standalone program and many clients have used the workshop and report as a template which they have followed themselves. In other cases it has been a preliminary step to engaging us for a project and has given both sides clarity on what is expected and what is possible.

Mini Version
The┬ástandard strategy/planning workshop is a 2-3 hour session with two senior consultants from Bateson Publicity. We also offer a mini version of the same – a maximum 2 hour session with one of our consultants, if this is more appropriate for your business.


Standard from $995 inc GST
Mini from $595 inc GST