SoundboardIf you need

  • someone to bounce ideas off
  • help with publicity/PR related issues
  • some inspiration and/or ideas in the publicity arena
  • regular advice and ideas tailored specifically to your business

…but you either are not in a position to retain a publicity agency, or prefer to do the work in-house, Soundboard may be for you.

Soundboard is a regular catchup on the phone and exchange of ideas and approaches to whatever challenges turn up in your business in the field of publicity and PR. Coming up with different story angles and ideas on an ongoing basis is hard, and being able to bounce ideas around and talk through ideas with a member of our experienced team may give you the breakthroughs you are looking for.

Soundboard is a month-to-month program (based on, but not limited to, a weekly 15-20 minute telephone hookup) and we connect you up with our most appropriate team member.

It is an affordable way of dealing with publicity issues as they arise and keeping the creative juices flowing!


From $249 inc GST per month (no minimum contract)