Media Training

erWhy is it that some businesses and organisations get more coverage than others?

The answer is that they understand how the media works, what motivates the journalists, and how to deliver their message – week after week. Our aim is to help you deliver your message in a manner that resonates with your customers and clients, your target market and the general public.

Our media training program is delivered by senior consultant and award winning journalist, PR consultant and academic Anna Day, who has worked in all forms of media from newspapers and magazines, to radio, television and the internet. We offer practical hands-on training which includes assisting you to develop your messages over the long term.

As a journalism academic at the University of Queensland, Anna trained many of the journalists you will need to know to get your message across, both at local and national level.

Anna has consulted to large corporations, industry bodies and state and local governments as a communications consultant and has delivered media coverage valued at $3M in a six month period for a local government body (all positive).

What will you learn?

  1. How journalists think – what motivates them – what they see as a story
  2. What is on the record and what is not
  3. When can you relax with a journo?
  4. How often  should you send out a news release – and where do you find the stories?
  5. What to do if you make a mistake
  6. Do you have to answer all the questions?
  7. How to talk on camera – and what to check beforehand
  8. Why some of your stories don’t get published
  9. Is it true that bad publicity is better than no publicity?
  10. You don’t have to be negative to get news coverage

And much more.

This is a half day session including a mock interview to camera (recorded). One-to-one or group sessions.


From $1,195 inc GST