David Bateson, Principal Consultant

David BatesonComing out of university with a law degree, David started out in sales and marketing roles in large corporates in the UK and Europe, and has worked in fields as diverse as publishing, printing, automotive, legal, accounting, HR and pharmacy.

He realised the power of PR and publicity focused marketing while working as a sales contractor for a retail franchise group in 2004, when two group outlets opened thanks to industry media coverage resulting from his publicity work, netting the client approx $450,000 in revenue.

Despite his large corporate background, his enthusiasm is with the SME (small-medium enterprise) sector – particularly fast-growth entrepreneurial businesses, and he has worked (and continues to work) with several startup software and web-based businesses.

He is a firm believer in the power of publicity in the marketing mix and the need for marketing and publicity to be one common strategy, as opposed to two separate operations or departments, as they are in many organisations.

He also believes many SMEs totally ignore the power of publicity and as a result miss out on a powerful marketing technique. 

David moved to Sydney from the UK just in time for the 2000 Olympics, before seeing the light in 2005 and moving up to Brisbane.

Anna Day, Senior Consultant

Anna has worked as a journalist, bureau chief, academic and public relations consultant and has won many awards in these roles. She has written for National Business Review (NZ), The Australian Financial Review and The Economist and has worked in radio and TV (National Radio News in Australia and TVNZ’s Eye Witness program).

As a public relations consultant she has worked for large corporations, industry peak bodies and government departments.