Facebook comes of age for B2B

facebook logoFor the past few years I have been busy telling anyone that asked (in the B2B and professional services space) that social media probably was not going to get them where they wanted to go. My suggestion was (and in fact still is, subject to my thoughts below) to focus on other areas, for example regular information and articles posted to a website or blog and email marketing, plus good old fashioned printed material and direct marketing. Continue reading


The world of PR – it’s a bit different now

globeThe last twelve months have seen a fundamental change in the business world. Consumers and businesses have reined in their spending, making the whole process of marketing and selling much harder than before.

And the world of public relations has changed as well. Large organisations have radically downsized their PR departments and smaller organisations have cut out PR altogether. At the same time the ‘job’ of PR has changed. If the job of PR is to ‘influence the influencers’, there are just more influencers around these days – bloggers, tweeters, online forums and websites as well as the conventional media. Continue reading


Are traditional PR fee structures broken?

Broken windowIt’s easy to look at big companies that have had a good run in the media and understand how public relations and the subsequent positive media coverage have helped them achieve success.

It’s a lot harder to try to assess the future value of publicity, particularly if you have not had any coverage before, and it’s this uncertainty that makes it hard for a small/medium business (especially in the B2B space) to justify the cost of the standard PR agency’s monthly retainer.

In a recent column in BRW (Need a PR firm? Read all about it), Leo D’Angelo Fisher makes a number of suggestions for businesses looking to use a PR firm, one of them being that they avoid paying PR firms’ monthly retainers. Continue reading


Is traditional PR turf being eroded by social media?

At Bateson Publicity we don’t really claim to have our finger on the pulse of the PR world – funnily enough we’re really not that plugged into it as we work for a completely different client profile to larger agencies: we don’t do major corporate and we do very little work with consumer products or services (we’re mainly B2B and professional services, small-medium businesses).

However we have heard ‘through the grapevine’ that a lot of businesses have cut their PR budgets and either let internal staff go or dropped their external PR agency. This has undoubtedly been caused by the GFC and, as always, the first budgets to be cut are those that fall under the general ‘marketing’ banner, including PR. Continue reading


What to do when you don’t get coverage

When sending out a news release or organising an event specifically for the media, there is of course absolutely no guarantee that the news release will result in coverage or that journalists will show up to your event. That’s the nature of the beast and although you can do things to increase the chance of you getting the result you want, there’s still that element of chance. If you wanted absolute certainty, you would have placed an ad and (happily?) paid the price.

Sometimes it’s not even about your story, it’s got more to do with what else is happening. If a big story breaks just as you’re organising your press conference then it’s possible nobody will turn up at all. And you’re left standing there with your people and lots of uneaten sandwiches. Continue reading