Man’s first invention


PR brazier bits

No, it wasn’t PR. It was of course fire.

I was clearing up in the garden the other day and noticed the name of the company on the bag of firewood and couldn’t resist taking a photo. Which got me thinking to whether there were any connections between public relations and making a fire.

Here’s a few:

  • They’ve both been around for ages (Roman emperors were particularly good at PR)
  • Oldest skill/profession – let’s not go there
  • Like starting a fire, with PR it sometimes takes a few goes to get it started
  • Once it’s going you still need to tend to it for a while to make sure it doesn’t go out
  • If you’re not careful it can get out of control
  • The more practice you get at lighting fires the better you get at it
  • A decent campfire keeps you warmer (ie gets the intended result) over a longer period of time than setting off a few firecrackers

campfireHelp us out with a couple more analogies!

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