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old bookAt the risk of sounding like an academic bunch, we have just updated our ‘reading list’. If you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of any of the pages on this website (statistically – apparently – only 25% of people do) you may well have seen our reading list on the right. This is something we put together on Amazon – and yes – we make about 0.0005c on any sale that results from you clicking through to Amazon and buying there. We’re happy to split the commission with you.

More importantly, it’s a great way to share books we feel have shaped our thinking on PR and we wholeheartedly recommend you read any/all of these books. Although books like ‘The New Rules…” and “The Fall of Advertising…” we read a while back, they are still current and illuminating reads.

The latest addition is “Unmarketing” by Scott Stratten, published by my ex-employer, John Wiley. Although focused on Twitter, it is a minute dissection of what makes us make the buying decisions we do, and has many examples of how companies persuade people to change their buying habits. Interestingly, despite his knowledge of and preference for Twitter as a business engagement tool, he is a big advocate of email marketing as well. As, of course, are we.

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