The world of PR – it’s a bit different now

globeThe last twelve months have seen a fundamental change in the business world. Consumers and businesses have reined in their spending, making the whole process of marketing and selling much harder than before.

And the world of public relations has changed as well. Large organisations have radically downsized their PR departments and smaller organisations have cut out PR altogether. At the same time the ‘job’ of PR has changed. If the job of PR is to ‘influence the influencers’, there are just more influencers around these days – bloggers, tweeters, online forums and websites as well as the conventional media.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, we think PR is more important than ever before, but coverage has to be consistent and it must be used to the max within the overall marketing of a business, not just relied upon on its own to generate business.

Publicity generated by an effective PR strategy can achieve amazing results for a business and generate a level of credibility simply not possible using conventional advertising. Last year, operating as NewsBusiness, our team generated publicity for our clients worth nearly half a million dollars. And the publicity side of things was only one half of our business.

The trouble we’ve found is that most businesses that are not large corporates cannot sustain the overhead of PR over the period of time necessary to really get it working for them. Our own experience has shown time and again that the true value of PR comes from consistent effort and coverage over a period of time – generally six months or more. You can get coverage more quickly than this of course, but the true value comes from consistent coverage.

The problem remains however the cost of running a PR strategy for long enough to see results. At Bateson Publicity (and NewsBusiness) we’ve been wrangling over this for a while, and have come up with what we think is a solution that works for us and works for you – a (mainly) results-based fee structure (see our other post, Are traditional PR fee structures broken?) .

This won’t win us any friends in the world of PR – the PR Institute of Australia (we’re not members by the way) in its code of conduct prohibits members from working on a results-only basis.*

Although our fee structure is results-based we do still charge a small monthly fixed fee, but much less than the standard PR firm ‘retainer’. For more information on how this works, please get in touch.

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*which, in fact, we’re not


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