Man’s first invention


PR brazier bits

No, it wasn’t PR. It was of course fire.

I was clearing up in the garden the other day and noticed the name of the company on the bag of firewood and couldn’t resist taking a photo. Which got me thinking to whether there were any connections between public relations and making a fire. Continue reading


We’ve just updated our reading list

old bookAt the risk of sounding like an academic bunch, we have just updated our ‘reading list’. If you’ve scrolled down to the bottom of any of the pages on this website (statistically – apparently – only 25% of people do) Continue reading


Books we recommend

The new rules of marketing and pr

The fal of advertising and the rise of prHere are two books on marketing and public relations/publicity that we think are ‘required reading’ in our field. They have shaped our thinking!

(click on the covers to read more about them on Amazon)